Jewellery expertise

Jewellery: we advise you on expertise them.

We appraise all jewellery, precious stones, watches, silver, etc.

Why should I choose your appraisal service?

  • because we have professional appraiser who are constantly up-to-date with value of metal and precious stones, watches, etc.,
  • because we have been on this market for 22 years,
  • because it's accepted by all insurance companies,
  • because it's simple and quick.

Our professional appraiser expertise for insurance police jewellery, diamonds, precious stones, pearl necklace, coral necklace, antique or modern silverware, wristwathces, wallclocks or table clocks.

Our expertise have also picture and are accepted by all swiss and international insurance companies.
The case of theft, an expertise will facilitate your request of refund by your insurance company.

Verbal expertise

Come to our counter for verbal expertises: it is a simple and quick system to know the real value of an object.

Please call +41 91 961 65 00 to book an appointment or get more information.

Unico banco dei pegni (Monte di pietà) in Ticino con patente cantonale da 22 anni

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