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How to participate in our auctions

By signing a absentee bid form is possible to participate at the auction even though you are not present, up to the limit of the established amount of money.

Example: Lot with starting bid of SFr. 1'000.–

Your absentee bid with the (hypothetical) limit of SFr. 1'300.–

The highest bid during the auction is of SFr. 1'100.– thus the lot will be yours with the winning bid of SFr. 1'150.– (If there are more bids, you will participate till your limit of SFr. 1'300.–)

In order to participate at the auction with an absentee bid is necessary to leave a cash deposit, which will be returned in case you are not the winner bidder.

Absentee bids form can be placed in person during the exhibition.

Auction buyers that foresee to effect many purchases, can require before the auction a the special sign of recognition. So they will not be disturbed in order to pay every single purchase: they will settle payments at the end of the auction.

As a rule, color stone, it is not certified as precious one, except declared exceptional cases.

Referring to the painting and art pieces in general, the attribution are as written on the work, any responsibility is taken by our Institute or by the Authority that ordered the auction.

Any responsibility is taken for the objects sold with the right of the Police.

The auction policies are displayed during the exhibition and they are read before the auction sale and they have legal action after each purchase.

The retail prices on certain items are only indicative and without any responsibility because compared with equal or similar items on sale or sold in Europe and/or others Continents.

The meaning of the words "funzionante" or "perfettamente funzionante" is that at the moment of taking a pawn, the item was in perfect condition, but without responsibility for us for its functioning during and after the sale. The buyers have to verify the lots before the auction, during the previews, if the description and the state of the lots coincide with their personal opinion.

Regarding vintage watches our Institute doesn't absolutely give any judgements of value, originality, contemporaneity of the watch's parts, authenticity and any other possible difference or lacking. Buyers have the possibility during the two days of exhibition to check themselves or to let check vintage watches from an expert and therefore decide its purchase and its value.


Sometimes the photos don't correspond to the real dimensions as well as the colours.

The hammer price is comprehensive of auction fee and VAT.

During the auction exhibition is possible to

  • look at all the lots in order to check quality and catalogue description
  • place an absentee bid form
  • book a paddle (in order to pay at the end of the sale)
Auction Exhibition

Auction Exhibition

Our hall during the auction exhibition.